Global milk demand is growing, particularly in countries which cannot produce enough milk to satisfy demand

This includes parts of the Middle East, Africa, China and other Asian countries.

  • Some of these countries are developing their agricultural skills, however land and water shortages mean they will always need to import milk and dairy products.
  • The global population is forecast to grow from seven billion in 2011 to nine billion in 2050 (Source, United Nations).
  • The fastest growth is likely in milk deficit regions.
  • Awareness of dietary balance and the benefits of protein is expanding.
  • Food safety of local milk is a considerable concern in China and India.

The quality and quantity of global agricultural land is deteriorating due to factors including:

  • Urbanisation using more agricultural land.
  • Soil salinisation (build up of salts) / acidification.
  • Depletion of ground water / other water shortages.
  • Soil pollution.
  • Erosion.

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