hectares of farmland
(420 ha effective)

peak milking herd

kg milk solids
(5.7m litres)

70 bail
rotary milking shed

3 houses
(4 bdrm, 3 bdrm, 3 bdrm)

land and buildings independent valuation

Lowcliffe has flat contour.  Soils range from peat to stony silt loams.  Lowcliffe includes 255 hectares of leased land.  The high water table makes good drainage essential, and a new three million litre above-ground effluent storage tank has been installed.  The majority of the farm is under pivot irrigation with the balance irrigated by travelling guns and sprinklers.

Recent news

Pivot irrigator on old “deer block” paddocks

A new Pierce irrigator was installed in February 2017 on the land used by a previous owner to raise deer. The capital cost of the new irrigator is offset by better water use efficiency, driving positive economic and environmental outcomes.


Lowcliffe farm address

Trig Pole Rd, Lowcliffe 7773


Illingworth Sharemilking Limited.

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