hectares of farmland
(235 ha effective)

peak milking herd

kg milk solids
(3.1m litres)

60 bail
rotary milking shed

3 houses
(5 bdrm, 3 bdrm, 2 bdrm)

land and buildings independent valuation

The Matai Dairy Farm has a combination of flat to rolling contour with a mixture of Braxton and Pukemutu soils. Three character-filled houses and a range of sheds complement areas of QEII bush and newly developed wetlands.

Recent news

New calf-rearing shed

Matai now has a new twelve bay calf-rearing shed.  Matai previously had a large old woolshed on this site. The new sheds are a huge improvement to hygiene, access and bobby calf handling.

Pest control

Matai has three precious areas of covenanted QEII bush, with another area on the Miro farm.  Since DFNZ took ownership, fencing of these areas has been improved to make them fully stock proof.  In addition to improving fencing, the protected areas have been voluntarily extended.  Pest control is essential.  The DFNZ farms in Southland are active members of the Possum Control Areas (PCA’s), a joint approach with Environment Southland to maintain pressure on the possum population using bait stations.  DFNZ has also commissioned a base line survey of the QEII bush to establish the type and level of pest infestation of not only possums but other pest species (rats, mustelids, hares and rabbits etc).  This will be followed by a targeted pest control and monitoring programme.

Matai farm address

587 Centre Bush Otapiri Road, Otapiri, RD2, Winton 9782


Rednoc Limited.

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