hectares of farmland
(244 ha effective)

peak milking herd

kg milk solids
(4.3m litres)

60 bail
rotary milking shed

3 houses
(5 bdrm, 4 bdrm, 2 bdrm)

land and buildings independent valuation

The Rata dairy farm has flat contoured land with predominantly Pukemutu soils. The centrally located cowshed is supported by a large all-weather calving barn, and good support buildings.

Recent news

New Sharemilker house

Our Rata sharemilkers moved into a brand new 4-bedroom Jennian home in August 2016.  Previously Rata only had the original homestead, so the new house, together with the new staff duplex building, is a great improvement to on-site accommodation.

Improved effluent distribution

Rata has trialled various effluent systems and now has a travelling rain gun.  A new Harvest effluent monitoring and fail safe system is being installed to minimise the risk of equipment malfunction resulting in effluent spillage.

Rata farm address

Shand Road, Otapiri 9782


DETJ Dairies Limited.

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