hectares of farmland
(251 ha effective)

peak milking herd

kg milk solids
(3.8m litres)

60 bail
rotary milking shed

3 houses
(4 bdrm, 4 bdrm, 2 bdrm)

land and buildings independent valuation

The Totara Dairy Farm has a flat contour with predominantly Braxton soil types and mature shelter. A new sharemilker’s house built in February 2017, and two additional staff dwellings. Includes numerous supporting sheds. Like the other Otapiri farms soluble iron is removed from the water supply by a Longveld Iron Out plant.

Recent news

Effluent system upgrade 

The Totara effluent pond has been emptied and lined ready for the new season.  After removing the sludge the pond turned out to be deeper than expected!  The photo shows contractors working on the lining and venting, with the security fencing to be replaced before the completion of the project.

Extended effluent consent granted

Following the issue of an updated effluent consent, Totara is extending its effluent distribution network to enable low rate application over the whole farm. This improves the ability to distribute effluent to the appropriate level for various soil conditions and optimises the nutrient value of the effluent.


Totara farm address

Limehills-Browns Road, Otapiri 9782


Michael and Ruth Prankerd.

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