All animals are owned by the sharemilker and are their responsibility.

DFNZ however maintains an active interest in how animals are cared for on our farms.

DFNZ’s sharemilking agreements contain standard clauses around animal welfare, and reference to Dairy NZ Animal Welfare Codes of Practice.  Sharemilker animal welfare responsibilities include:

  • Stock transport
  • Maintaining appropriate body condition scores
  • Tail docking/disbudding/dehorning/castration practices
  • Assisting calving cows
  • Preventing and managing illness and diseases

DFNZ invests appropriately to ensure sharemilkers have adequate infrastructure to maintain good animal welfare, including:

  • Access to reticulated water
  • Calf housing
  • Maintained races
  • Secure fencing
  • Bobby calf handling/transportation facilities

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