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Supporting Native Ecosystems.

DFNZ focusses on managing Bush Areas, Pests and Water

Bush Areas:

  • Fencing protected areas
  • Weeding out introduced/exotic species
  • Enhancing – voluntarily retiring remnants of bush, fencing and under-planting
  • Pest control


  • Possums and mustelids (ferrets, stoats etc) are target species to eliminate
  • Eliminating pests is beneficial to nearby flora and fauna even if there is little bush on the farm


DFNZ works in partnership with Regional Environmental Councils, as well as Fish & Game New Zealand, to develop quality systems and environments on our farms.


  • Key issues to manage include Nitrogen, Sediment, Phosphorus and Coliforms
  • Improve fencing to prevent run-off into drains and watercourses, ensure stock exclusion from water-ways
  • Re-shape races to direct run-off away from watercourses
  • Create wetlands in sloping areas to capture sediment
  • Source irrigation water from sustainable supplies and apply efficiently
  • Discharge effluent via suitable minimal-application methods

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